Flash Drive Gives Charge to Battery Run Devices

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One of the most common accessories of laptop or computer owners is a USB flash drive. Known as one of the most reliable sources of data storage and transfer, this little gadget is easy to use, no problem to carry, and also comes in creative and interesting designs. Now, there’s another use for it that could transform this item from a simple convenience to a must have.

Released by Yanko Design is an information on a USB flash drive that doubles as a AA battery. Conceptualized by designer Wonchul Hwang, this flash drive can also be used with a mate to power any device using AA batteries. The 4GB flash is used to like any other plug it into any laptop or PC and go to work. The twist is that while it’s plugged in, the flash drive charges up to be ready for its second use. All one has to do is unplug the flash and twist its lower end, which retracts the USB connector. Next, all that is left is to fit the flash into any device using a AA battery. The charge of the flash is displayed by three LED lights along its side which are displayed by holding both ends of the flash with two fingertips (reminiscent of the old Duracell batteries).

This device is not only ingenious but also multifunctional, a trait that has become an essential for all present day devices.


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