‘Flashpoint’ Recap: ‘Shockwave”‘

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This week on Flashpoint, Spike takes center stage as he deals with the impending death of his father and a major bomb threat. In “Shockwave,” the team is called to a large office building to investigate an abandoned gym bag. Raf goes with Spike as he puts his bomb sniffing robot to work while the other team members clear the area.

tv,flashpointSam runs into some trouble, when the building security man, Tony, leads him to an office of people who refuse to leave. The office is in the basement just a corridor away from where the bomb is, and when Sam attempts to gain entry to the office, he finds a second bomb. They all barely have time to take cover when both bombs explode bringing down the walls on either side of the corridor. Trapped, but mostly unharmed, the group sighs with relief as they work on an escape plan.

Up above them, an anxious Greg Parker finally hears from his team after the explosion. Sam is unconscious but with good vital signs and a woman from the office is trapped under the rubble. Otherwise, it’s all good and they can wait it out the several hours it will take to safely create a tunnel out. As Ed and the fire chief work out a plan, Spike does a little more sniffing and finds something completely unexpected, another, larger bomb, designed to bring down the entire building.

This bomb is located inside a metal package drop box and it’s secured with a series of chemical switches, infrared triggers and a coded key pad. Spike manages to slow down the chemical switch, but that gives them under an hour to evacuate.

Ed finds a way down through a shaft that runs next to the building. While he works on breaking through, Jules and Parker work on finding the bomber. A fake has them hopeful for awhile but when he confirms use of dynamite (it was C-4), Spike knows he’s not their guy and it’s back to square one.

The next bit of help comes from a list of offices. Turns out the bottom, unevacuated office, belongs to a company that makes missile guidance systems. When the head of the company hears about the sophisticated bomb, he pins the crime on Alexi, a brilliant scientist who was caught selling company secrets and fired. This has to be their man.

Down below, the evacuation process gets underway and Tony, the security guy allows a panicked and selfish fellow to take his place. He stays behind to care for the trapped woman along with Sam and Raf and Spike keeps working on the bomb. In the middle of all of this, he takes a call from his mom and finds out that his father won’t make it through the night. Not good timing.

Jules investigates Alexi and figures out that he was the patsy in a conspiracy, but that has driven him to seek revenge against the company. She gets a picture of him and sends it to everyone’s PDA. It’s Tony the security guard who has been helping them all along. Spike realizes that the bombs were timed so that no one would get hurt. If the office workers had left when they were told, none of them would be in this fix.

Once everyone but Tony and the SRU guys have been evacuated, Spike appeals to Tony, begging him to help them disarm the bomb. He doesn’t want to and there are tense moments for the Flashpoint team as Sam and Raf are pulled to safety. That leaves Spike, who is about to go when he realizes that the code for the bomb is Alexi’s mother’s name. He runs to disarm it and in the end, Alexi helps him get it done safely.

Back on top, Spike heads off to see his father and everyone else takes a breath, realizing just how close they came to losing three of their own.

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