FLDS ‘Prophet’ Warren Jeffs Claims End is Imminent, Authorities Worried About Follower Response

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Warren Jeffs, the imprisoned “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has issued a warning to his still-faithful followers, which number in the thousands – the end is coming and probably by the end of the year, worrying authorities that those still living Jeffs’ religion will do something extreme.

What this extreme thing might be isn’t clear, but it is likely that is something like a mass suicide like what has been seen in other cult situations, rather than the peaceful cult doing something extreme like rioting in the streets. However, the followers will do what their so-called prophet tells them, so no one is really sure. One former member, Isaac Wyler, said “I’ve got a brother-in-law who once told my sister ‘if the prophet told me to I’d slit your throat without even thinking about it.”

Warren Jeffs is serving a life sentence in Texas for the abuse of underage girls that he “married,” in much the same way that Joseph Smith Jun., the founder of the more mainstream LDS church, “married” more than 30 women, many of them underage. He has been sending out instructions to his more than 10,000 followers from prison.

Of course, while authorities are concerned because of signs like the only grocery store in the area closing, run by FLDS members, this isn’t the first time that Jeffs has predicted that the end is here. he also predicted it for December 23rd, but said that it didn’t happen because his followers were not faithful enough. Jeffs also said that if he wasn’t released from prison, the world would be subject to plagues and other disasters.

Obviously, anyone who has half a brain knows that the man is either crazy of lying and most likely both. But the question isn’t whether or not anyone else will believe his prophecies – since those that built bunkers for December 21st, 2012 are still smarting over that waste of money, but the question is whether or not his followers will choose to do something unexpected, according to his instructions of course.

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