Fleas Swarm Firefighters in Connecticut

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Firefighters in Connecticut had to fight not only a fire, but also fleas. What a double whammy for the heroes to have to deal with. The firefighters were responding to an emergency in Waterbury, and they were swarmed by the bugs as they entered an abandoned house.

Fleas Swarm Firefighters in ConnecticutThe people who responded were not even aware of the problem until they were headed back to their firehouse. That’s when they began to itch, and noticed that thousands of fleas had swarmed them. Ouch!

Fire Chief David Martin said, “It was thousands of them.” What a horrible realization that must have been. They had so many of the creatures on them that they actually had to strip off their clothing outside the hospital. Also, they had to be tested for bubonic plague and other illnesses that fleas carry because they were covered with so many bites. What a pain.

While firefighters obviously expect to face many challenges every day, this is one of their more unusual problems. Even their fire truck is out of commission. Perhaps the abandoned house will have to be burned to get rid of the infestation.

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