Flickr hits Android Market – App for Real-Time Photo Sharing Unveiled by Yahoo

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Consumers who have an Android-based smartphone will soon have another app to try. Flickr has announced a photo sharing app for the market. Yahoo unveiled the Flickr App today which will allow users to share real-time photos with friends and family.

It sounds like a great app for those who do a lot of photo sharing. Perhaps those who have family living long distances away would benefit from the Flickr app. Then again, the app would be equally as useful for people who like to document, and post in detail every second of their lives.

At any rate, there are many photo sharing apps available on the Market, but the new Android Flickr app is the first to be released by Yahoo. According to an article at CNET, the Flickr App for Android was intended to highlight Yahoo’s mobile strategy. With developers working on apps for Google and Apple, it is about time Yahoo decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The Flickr App has its own built-in camera experience with a custom viewfinder which allows users to select different photo ratios, and lets them name new photos. Also, any new photo taken with the Flickr app can be instantly uploaded to Flickr, or other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

If you own an Android smartphone, do you use it for picture sharing? If so, what app did you download from the market? Will you consider using the new Flickr app?

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