Flight of a Renaissance

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A silent voice is an eternal sacrifice.

We shall never bow heads in fear…

Dark memories echoing behind a bright horizon.

Our bleeding tears belittled by the night.

On her last breath dreams labor impatiently,

strange silhouette will shape across the room,

reaching for her true self…

In time voices will bend across space

branding shadows on the wall…

Imagine walking an eternal journey

searching for your soul, instead you'll find nightmares…

Through a twilight of unkindness

your thoughts become nothingness

leaving an empty feeling of unworthiness

We are portrait as outcast, in our minds

condemn us, if you will. . .

We will perish, beneath a foggy night,

Silencing our voices with a straight arrow

piercing our broken heart…


On depths of a clear night ,

an empty paradox steers at review mirror

with a storm crawling under consensus begginings

Tears  hidden inside night falls 

The stars an unknown dreamer,

Recreate charismatic illusions of a windfall,

A mourning light approaches

Come and rescue me at

The Edge of Lions Dens

cover my fear with an invincible fog

Passing through The roar of a King

The essence appear flirting with disaster 

A moment of truth is near,

Standing close to my own reflection

cross a shallow grave

witnessing The burden of Anticipation. .

As The wind is parallel with The moonlight

Serenity silently searching for a true infinite

On his last breath lights drawn

by a Heart full of life

Tears flow rapidly inside

my Odyssey unveiling

greatness on a blink of

an eye . . .



Rony Joseph

RONY JOSEPH    All rights reserved   2008

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