‘Flipped Off’ on A&E ‘I Smell a Rat’ Recap

Flipped Off is a new reality show starring the infamous villain of Survivor Russell Hantz, his brother Shawn, and Kristin the broker. Their mission is to flip houses; that is to buy fixer-uppers and turn them into beautiful homes and make a good profit.

After three times on Survivor without winning the top prize, skeptics and fans await the outcome to see if his devious tactics will work in the real world. On Survivor he bragged about how much money he had, now the proof will be in his ability to make more.

Kristin found a good house for the brothers and she believes they can make a good profit from it. The house could sell for $225,000 and with closing and inspection costs, another $7,500. Shawn wants to do without the inspection and does his own inspection. Kristin and Russell disagree and she even states that she never sold a house without an inspection.

The budget for the renovations is $46,000 on top of the $225,000 buying price bringing the total to $271,000. They plan to do a simple renovation; open the living room, repainting the inside, and modernize the outside in just four weeks. Since Russell has been a celebrity, his marriage is falling apart to add to the equation.

Now that the inspection was bypassed, the warts and all start showing through. First, Russell finds a rather large rodent in the toilet bowl, meaning that there is a hole in the sewer pipe under the house. A plumber arrives, using a camera to inspect the hole and pinpoints the problem. To fix it, the cost will be a few thousand dollars.

Kristin takes Russell to another flip that someone else is doing. The quality of the work is awesome and the house is shaping up nicely. Back at the other house, the floor is ripped up and when Russell tries to help, he breaks the pipe causing a flood. Now Shawn has to be a diver too and cannot understand why Russell is such a tyrant; they are supposed to be 50-50 partners.

As the countdown continues the plumber tells Russell that they have to plumb the entire house at a cost of $8,000 to $10,000. Now Shawn will be redoing the deck himself, to save a few thousand dollars from the budget. The next day they arrive to find that the garage lock was popped and all the lumber was stolen. Russell starts to fight with the police officer who arrived to check it out, and gets put in the cop car. Shawn told the officer how Russell was upset, that he was robbed, and his marriage is about to end, etc. and the cop let him go. Shawn had to get another $3,000 of lumber and sent Russell home for a few days to straighten out his life.

The house sold for $320,000, the investment was $288,000 and the profit was $32,000 for their first flip. What will be next on Flipped Off?

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