Florence Henderson Got Crabs From John Lindsay

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On Tuesday’s racy The View, Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame was flogging her new book. And during what turned out to be a very lively segment that followed another very lively segment with foul-mouthed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny DeVito, the veteran actress talked about one particular tryst that was quite memorable.

That said, that memorable liaison, which happened back in the 1960s, was with a famous politician whose name Elisabeth Hasselbeck pulled out of Florence Henderson without much prompting: It was then New York City mayor John Lindsay, who happened to be a very handsome man. And he also happened to be a man who was carrying some clout that wasn’t at all welcomed.

Indeed, Florence admitted that the morning after the two had been together in a sexual way, Henderson woke up with an unhealthy and very nasty dose of crabs.

And while she was itching and worrying about what was going on in her nether regions, the now 77-year-old said she learned something very important. She decided then and there that there was a lesson to be had in what had happened when this pretty actress hooked up with the hunky mayor.

And what was that?

Florence Henderson admitted, “Never go to bed with a politician.”

Ba rump bump.

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