Florida Awaits Health Care Waiver Decision

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is waiting for his state’s request for a health care waiver to be approved. Florida is among the 12 that have either applied for or already received a temporary pass on the new law.

Scott thinks the bill is going to be a disaster, “…the employers that are paying for it or the individuals paying for it won’t be able to afford it. So more people will either be unemployed or go on the Medicaid rolls.”

Recently, New Hampshire and Nevada received waivers, and the three dozen or so businesses located in Nancy Pelosi’s district have raised more than a few eyebrows. Her San Francisco district has been called the hands-down winner in waivers announced by the Obama administration.

Pelosi’s office has yet to comment on what appears to be a lop-sided granting of health care waivers, but that shouldn’t surprise too many. Ms. Pelosi, after all, declared “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Governor Scott doesn’t mince his words. In a Fox News interview, he stated “It seems like politics, and the federal government is picking winners and losers out of all of this.” Perhaps a step toward assuring people that the waivers are not in fact political rewards would be not only to release the names of the “winners” but also the “losers,” which seems to be a long shot.

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