Florida Brush Fire Spans 30 Miles

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A Florida brush fire that spans a 30 mile long stretch of Florida’s interstate 95, has been causing chaos since Monday. As of Today, I95 has reopened but the fire threat remains.

Even though the roadways have reopened, Florida is not out of the woods yet as Brevard County remains under a state of emergency. A 10,000 acre brush fire is endangering homes and keeping visibility on the roads to a minimum. As of right now, 200-300 homes are in danger and one mobile home has already been destroyed by the ruthless flames.

“The conditions were very ripe due to all of the freezes that came through (this winter),” one firefighter told reporters in a briefing Tuesday morning. “The vegetation on top of the ground was dead and already dry,” said a Brevard County firefighter.

Authorities are hoping that a heavy rain storm coming from Orlando towards the brush fire will help the effort to put it out. In the meantime, all authorities can do is try to keep the flames away from the residential areas that they are encroaching on.

It’s not even summer yet, and Florida is already experiencing brush fires. What does that mean for this coming summer?  Let’s hope that this fire is put out before more property is damaged and lives are lost.

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