Florida Dad Apologizes for Storming School Bus to Confront Bullies

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The Central Florida dad who stormed a school bus to defend his daughter against bullies apologized.  James Willie Jones held a press conference in Lake Mary, Fla. to express his regret for going onto the bus, threatening and yelling at the kids.

Several boys on the bus had allegedly bullied Jones’ daughter who has cerebral palsy.  They threw condoms at her, hit her on the back of the head and called her names.  This bullying had gone beyond what the girl could handle, and she broke down to her parents.  Jones’ was so upset by the pain his daughter was feeling that he could not control his anger.  His wrath was caught and tape, and Jones was arrested.

Jones’ said he knows that his actions were wrong, but he felt like he had to protect his daughter and didn’t know what else to do.  Who could look at this dad and feel anything but sympathy for his situation?  What mother and father could hear his or her little girl recount how condoms were thrown at her and not get upset? Who could listen to a child express the feelings of torment and helplessness and not be moved to act?  Sure, he should have found a different method of dealing with the situation.  Sure, it doesn’t set a good example for his daughter.  But he was doing what a father is supposed to do, protect his child.  Many little girls wish they had such a father.

Jones’ and his wife say they tried to get help from the school, but got no response.  Bullying needs to be dealt with.  How many stories are we going to have to see before we do something about this?  Schools are sometimes just breeding grounds for obscene cruelty.  However, this is the age when parents, teachers and counselors should be teaching children to be moral, descent, compassionate human beings. Instead we dismiss the bullying, ignore it or even make excuses for it.   There should be zero tolerance for this behavior.  Then parents like James Willie Jones wouldn’t have to take matters into their own hands.

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