Florida Same-Sex Custody Battle Requires a Definition of Motherhood?

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A Florida same-sex couple is in an unusual custody battle. The two women are no longer romantically involved and the birth mother left the country with the child, unbeknownst to the biological mother.

See, one woman donated her egg that was fertilized in the other woman. The egg donator is referred to as the biological mother and the other as the birth mother. The child was 2 years old when the family split up and the birth mother moved to Australia. The biological mother tracked them down by private investigator. The child is now 9 years old. The biological mother has not seen her child in SEVEN years!

The Florida court is treating this as a case about defining motherhood? A question of egg and sperm donors rights? A gay issue?

It is about time Barack Obama step up to the plate and declare DOMA unconstitutional and publicly support gay marriage. The Republicans are already criticizing him for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He might as well jump over the fence instead of continuing to straddle it just to appease the gay-hating, ignorant members of society. They aren’t voting for him anyway. Their vote is already promised to Santorum.

As it stands now, some states allow gays to marry while others are passing constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage. This is creating a mess in the courts. And, it is definitively UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

This case is as simple as a parent taking a child away from another parent. Unless one parent is unfit, the courts should protect the rights of both. If the Florida same-sex couple were legally married and then had to go through divorce, there would have been a custody hearing at that time. Problem eliminated.

Aren’t lawyers just chomping at the bit to make more money off of same-sex divorces?


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