Florida Senior Shoots Thugs During Internet Cafe Robbery

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Since the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin, Sunshine State gun laws have come under scrutiny. But, Florida senior Samuel Williams, by shooting two goons during an Internet cafe robbery, has made a pretty good case for the right to carry concealed firearms.

Williams, 70, was minding his own business at the Palms Internet Cafe, in Marion County, when two thugs burst in, looking to rob the establishment. One of the suspects, 19-year-old Duwayne Henderson, brandished a gun, and the other guy was wielding a bat.

Of course, the other patrons were absolutely terrified. But, not Williams. When suspect Henderson turned his back, the Florida senior pulled a .380 semi-automatic gun, and started firing away at the crooks.

At this point, it looks like Williams, a licensed conceal carry owner, won’t face any charges. Frankly, the man deserves a medal. If more law-abiding citizens owned firearms, and knew how to properly use them, there would be far less violence on the streets. Some people are predicting the Florida senior will now become a Second Amendment poster boy.

The statistics don’t lie. The zip codes with the strictest gun laws, also have the highest numbers of rapes and murders. More firearms equals less crime.

Both of the suspects suffered minor gunshot wounds. You can view the amazing surveillance video here.

Elderly Man Samuel Williams Shoots Robbers at Internet Cafe

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