Florida Sinkhole Search Called Off; Man Presumed Dead

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The search for a man who fell into a Florida sinkhole just outside of Tampa has been called off. Jeff Bush was swallowed by the sinkhole as he lay on his bed in Brandon, Florida, on Thursday.

According to a report from USA Today, Bush’s brother jumped into the hole in an attempt to save him and wound up being rescued by a sheriff’s deputy himself. The ground below the home opened up, causing everything in Bush’s bedroom to sink many feet below the ground’s surface.

Deep soil probes were used in the search for Jeff Bush, but they determined that the area throughout and around the entire home is too unstable–as are the two homes adjacent to theirs–for the search to safely continue. Once the ground is deemed far more stable, workers may be able to resume the search.

Sinkholes aren’t uncommon in Florida, but it is unusual for one to open underneath a home. Caverns that lie below limestone beds in the ground make Florida far more prone to sinkholes than other states.

The family of Jeff Bush is grieving this tragic loss. They’ve been displaced during the tragedy, too, as it’s not safe for them to return to their home.

Can you imagine how frightening this must have been to Jeff Bush and his family members as he was swallowed into the ground by this Florida sinkhole? It’s like a scene from a horror movie–something no one would ever in a million years expect to happen.

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