Florida Sinkhole Takes Down Building, Shocking Residents

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A giant Florida sinkhole actually swallowed an entire building to the shock of residents. The earth opened up in Leesburg destroying a trash bin, a large tree and a salon and beauty supply.

Florida Sinkhole Takes Down Building, Shocking ResidentsMain Street Hair and Beauty Supply was swallowed by the Florida sinkhole. While it wasn’t a sudden opening, the salon still didn’t expect to be taken under. The hole opened up about a month ago after a huge downpour, and it has slowly continued to grow, which has worried residents. Hopefully nobody loses their homes if the earth continues to cave in.

Florida experienced 3,100 sinkholes over the past six decades, and they occur elsewhere in the world. One woman in Guatemala found a giant sinkhole under her bed inside her house just earlier this week.

A neighbor, who heard the earth open, said, “It woke me up. I heard a crack, a boom. I thought it was a wreck, like someone hit a transformer or something.” What a massive shock it must have been to walk outside and see the building just gone, swallowed up by the crumbling hole. Check out the video footage below.

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