Floyd Brown Freed After 14 Years in Mental Hospital

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For fourteen years, Floyd Brown has been in a North Carolina mental hospital. He was 29 when he was arrested in North Carolina for the murder of Katherine Lynch in 1993. He didn’t match the description in a tip received linking him to the murder but North Carolina SBI Agent Mark Isley had something better for proof of guilt. He had a confession.

BrownÂ’s case is one of many that has been re-examined. His lawyer, Kelley DeAngelus, says of his confession, “When I met Floyd, he couldn’t put together a single grammatically correct sentence. Everything was in three-word or two-word phrases; having a conversation with him was very difficult.”

In a 2007 hearing, Mark Hazelrigg, one of BrownÂ’s doctors at Dorothea Dix, said that Brown was incapable of making the statement of confession on his own. As a whole, the alleged confession is too detailed and organized for even a normally intelligent person.”

After he was freed by the judge, Brown began walking back to his holding cell. When his attorney asked him where he was going, he said, “Court’s over. I gotta go back in here.”

Brown, now 46, is no longer confined to life in a mental hospital. He lives with a full time caretaker and has a job. Agent Isley, however, has his own problems to deal with. He is under investigation by the North Carolina Department of Justice, and according to CNN, has declined to comment.

Wrongful imprisonment is disturbing, but thanks to efforts in the justice system to review certain cases, at least there is hope for those caught up in injustice. Now hopefully the real killer of Katherine Lynch can be found.

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