Flu Outbreak 2013: Scary New Statistics Show ‘Intense’ Spreading

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The flu outbreak of 2013 is much worse than anyone anticipated as scientists found out that the vaccines do not protect against the strain of Influenza B. As a result the illness is spreading rapidly and almost every state is now in an “intense” risk zone.

A new map puts it all into perspective with only 13 states still considered to be at “high” risk. Every other state is classified as an “intense” risk.

The states that are classified as high are: Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, Oregon, Alaska, Missouri, Hawaii, North Carolina, New Mexico, Washington and South Carolina. Every other state is at a higher risk.

It’s surprising to see that California is not classified as an intense risk yet, but at the same time it could be because it is a bit warmer than other states.

It’s scary to think of how fast the illness is spreading this season. In Boston, cases are up 1000% compared to last year, with over 700 cases reported and 18 deaths already.

Are you scared of catching the nasty illness known to knock people off their feet and keep them in bed for weeks? Why do you think there is such a massive outbreak this year?

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