fluffy..a short story by Michael

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it was Jill's tenth birthday which happen to fall on Xmas eve. a puppy jumped out of the box that dad had prepared for her ahead of time. he licked her face as she held him in her arms. a connection was instantly established and she gave dad a big hug and kiss for a thank you which was very much appreciated. "this is your new friend and companion, take care of him always", dad said. "I will call him fluffy" she said to dad. Jill walked him every morning before she went to school and every night. his water and food dish was always full and dad was so proud of how she took care of him. fluffy slept and curled up with her for many years to come. on her twentieth birthday fluffy died from natural causes due to old age. she moved out of dads house and got her own apartment and eventually got married. sounds of a puppy were heard walking about as she filled a dish of water and food where it used to be. there was Xmas present in the month of July which didn't make any sense to her why that would be there. a puppy jumped out and licked her face as she held him in her arms. maybe angels have a way with love and time and seasons to be remembered. the puppy curled up with her in bed and his name was fluffy… this is a story that follows a dream on loves path.

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