FLY (to my proteges)


©Robert Burnham

(to my protégés) 


I’m here to tell you something

Something you should know

You are someone very ‘special’

I’m here to confirm it’s so



Your life, it is before you


Like fresh new fallen snow


The footprints that you make there


Will be yours & yours alone



It’s up to you, how they will look


Footprints crisp and clear


Or steps that seem to drag along


Or ones that fade and disappear



As you plan your course in life


And all the steps you’ll take


Be not afraid to alter plans


If some mistakes you make



There is no shame in choosing wrong


Even I have gone astray


Just keep the faith, pursue your dreams


And push forward upon your way



Step carefully and slowly


But be not afraid to try


To sometimes run and leap


And to spread your wings and fly




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My trade and I parted ways... I am now a Geography Major at UNC. And I am still a Christian Cowboy Werewolf Writer, Poet & Photographer.

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