Flying Saucer UFO Spooks Dog in Nashville (Video)

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A strange UFO video was posted on YouTube which has one unusual distinction, other than that the sighting is of the flying saucer variety and the evidence is photographic only.

In this case, the witness claims the unidentified flying object scared his dog so much, it had to be rushed to a veterinarian.

The object in the photographs looks like the classic flying saucer type as it was snapped zooming over a house in Nashville. The witness claims he was barely able to grab a few photos before it disappeared from view, and he really didn’t think much of the sighting.

Until he noticed his dog’s reaction.

The pet began to wobble on its legs and did not behave in its usually vigorous way. The owner rushed him to a vet and was told the animal had an elevated “phosphor” count, whatever that is.

After some treatment and a few hours rest, the dog returned to normal. But the witness claims the incident had to be a direct result of the UFO sighting.

For all the details of this strange story, click here.

In the meantime, here’s the video:

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