Foo Fighters Counter Attack Westboro Baptist Church Protests

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It’s not a surprise that the Foo Fighters would come up with a new song like ‘Keep it Clean’ (Hut Buns). It’s also not too surprising that the song has its negative feedback. It’s also probably not a surprise that the Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket at the band’s Kansas City, Missouri concert. After all the song contains some very unsavory lyrics for those who don’t believe that a relationship should be anything other than with a man and a woman.

The band clearly is not one to hide in moments like this. In fact, they decided to come right out at the protest and give a little show to the protestors while they were at it. The group dressed in the same costumes that they donned for the video and began to play the very song that the church was there protesting about. Perhaps they thought that the church members were requesting the song?

They drove up upon the unsuspecting protestors and began belting out the song in faux country accents. As the protestors threw out their hateful protests, the band drowned them in a sea of lyrics to Keep it Clean. In addition the song was joined by the cheers of fans watching them. Soon all the Westboro Church protestors could do is to silently wave and point to their hate-filled signs while fans of the band cheered around them. Westboro clearly lost this protest and the Foo Fighters won by a landslide. Too bad more stars and people don’t fight back against the church in this manner. Maybe if they did the church would quit spewing their hate at events where people are there to have fun or to mourn those who have fallen while serving our country. Then again, maybe not.

Quite a bold move on the band’s part. They were not harming anyone or anything and yet they gave the hateful so-called church a taste of their own medicine. A most brilliant and daring move executed to perfection.

You can view their YouTube posted video of the counter protest here.

What do you think of their counter protest?

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