Foo Fighter’s Frontman Dave Grohl Loves Sex Tapes?

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You might expect Dave Grohl, long considered one of the nicest guys in rock & roll, to also be one of the cleanest, but he proves that even the sweetest guy loves some smut. The leader of the Foo Fighters revealed in a recent interview with UK newspaper The sun that he’s a fan of celebrity sex tapes, and expressed a preference for “traditional” sex tapes like Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson’s honeymoon tape, stating “Tommy Lee’s goes down as probably the greatest sex tape of all time. Pamela Anderson was acting shy! She’s acting like, ‘No way! Don’t film me!’ It was hilarious. Paris Hilton is a close second.”

Grohl also showed a fondness for the obscure, stating that he enjoyed one featuring the original rock & roller, Chuck Berry. “Check it out. In the name of rock ‘n’ roll, go find the Chuck Berry sex tape. It’s old so it has a very nice VHS quality to it. None of that night-vision. That one’s pretty good.”

It’s refreshing to see someone, especially as big a name as Dave Grohl, open up about something like this without shame. Given the profits in the porn industry, it’s safe to assume that far more people watch it than not, but society treats it like this big secret. People who make it are vilified, people who watch it are classed as weirdos, but it seems like more and more, the people that won’t admit to it are the strange ones.

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