Foo Fighters Sing Out Against Westboro Baptist Church

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Last night the band Foo Fighters showed Westboro Baptist Church that they will not put up with the church extremists. They came out and told the church how they feel with a few songs.

For some reason, Westboro Baptist Church thought that it would be a good idea to protest a concert of the Foo Fighters. The band did not ignore them, but instead came out dressed up crazy costumes and showed them what they thought about their ways.

They are singing about not looking for trouble and not looking for a fight. Then the lead singer goes onto start talking. He says “God Bless America.” He goes on to talk about how it takes all kinds and your color does not matter. You can even be Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum. He does not shy away from the subject of being gay and saying that is okay too. Good for the Foo Fighters!

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