Food Demand Rises as Salvation Army Donations Drop – Can You Help?

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Food demand is rising as Salvation Army donations are dropping. In 2010 many people in the U.S. went to the social-service organization to find help with food. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of the locations had a decrease in both food and money contributions.

At least 94 percent of Salvation Army food service programs had an increase in food requests, and it is becoming much harder for the group to help fulfill those needs. The new clients include middle class families as well as the working poor because so many in the U.S. are unemployed or underemployed after the Great Recession.

At this point in the game most people have exhausted their savings and reliance on their friends and families help. This is one of the reasons that there has been a noticeable increase in food demand from the Salvation Army. Many of the new families are embarrassed and ashamed to ask for this type of assistance. Have you ever found yourself in this type of position?

Throughout the country many Salvation Army food programs report that their food stocks are low to dangerously low. This is scary because there is a real need right now, and it seems like soon there will not be any food left to give to those who are in need. The high food demand is expected to continue during the first months of 2011. Can you help make up for the food shortfall? If you are interested in donating, you can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY or visit the Salvation Army website.

Food Demand Rises as Salvation Army Donations Drop - Can You Help?

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