Food Stamps Diet: Fox Anchor Andrea Tantaros Likens Food Stamps to Weight Loss Technique

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The Internet is in an uproar after a Fox News anchor made a comment that she would end up looking “fabulous” if she were on food stamps. She is being blasted from all sides, citing insensitivity, but what some of those critics may be missing is that she was actually calling attention to a real problem, although probably not on purpose, that those who are on this “food stamps diet” simply cannot get enough food for that amount to meet basic nutrition needs.

Andrea Tantaros, one of the co-hosts of The Five was asked by host Stuart Varney if she could live off of food stamps. Varney had asked another male guest first, who flat out said “no,” but Tantaros commented that she should try it, because it would make her look great.

“Could you live on $133 bucks for food?” Varney asked the male guest, and turned to Tantaros. “Andrea?”

“I should try it because do you know how fabulous I’d look?” Tantaros said. “I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds, it really does. I’d be looking great.”

The real question here isn’t whether or not Andrea Tantaros should have made her food stamps diet comment. She was clearly joking, and the result is a positive one, giving many the actual amount – likely for the first time – that someone on public assistance has to live on. The real question here is why a Fox News anchor is taking such a liberal point of view on food stamps. One expects that the Republic bigwigs up in the top floor of the Fox News tower have since swooped in and given Tantaros her lines in the case of a similar event – that those living on food stamps are moochers, living off of the government, taking no personal responsibility. Just ask Mitt Romney.

Here’s the video.

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