Food Stamps Should Be Expanded, According to New IOM Study

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Despite the fact that Food Stamps have increased by about 11,133 persons per day under the Obama Administration, a new report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) finds that the so-called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or “SNAP” program should likely receive more funding.

The IOM report is “receiving praise” from organizations such as “Feeding America” and “other non-profit hunger relief, social welfare organizations” who want to increase funding for SNAP. The report suggests that the massive entitlement program should “more adequately meet the nutritional needs of many SNAP recipients,” as reported by the Washington CBS Local Affiliate.

The report was requested by the USDA (who apparently could not do their own report, wonder how much that cost?) and made a variety of suggestions for — get this — further research for the USDA. The research is needed, they argue, to determine whether the daily allotment is appropriate.

The report notes that the following factors should be considered while assessing allotment adequacy:

  • “the value of time to purchase and prepare foods and variability in the cost of food…”
  • “assumptions about how families today spend their household dollars on food as well as the amount they spend…”
  • “the cost for housing and medical care, along with the cost of other living expenses for SNAP households, can vary by region. More information is needed on how those expenses affect the purchasing power of the SNAP allotment.”

The value of time to prepare food should be considered in allocating food stamps? Are these people out of their minds? Are government workers that disconnected from reality that they would give so little value to taxpayer dollars?

Bob Aiken, the CEO of Chicago-based Feeding America confirms,

“Feeding America urges our nation’s leaders to keep the SNAP program fully funded. With millions of Americans out of work, employed in part-time or low-wage jobs, and still suffering economic woes in this tough economy, this report underscores that our leaders should be talking about ways to strengthen SNAP, not cut its funding.”

CNS reports that the food stamp program grew by about 11,133 recipients per day from January 2009 to October 2012.

Currently, there are many conditions that discourage job-creators from hiring, such as economic uncertainty, stifling government regulations, eat-the-rich taxes, ObamaCare and an ever-growing, unsustainable federal government. Instead of focusing on how to best spend more taxpayer money on SNAP, perhaps America would be better served by focusing on job creation.

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