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hello all  I know how much you enjoy my essay,  mainly I love them too, esp when I am in the pictures,, well this time I love my bro bro so much that with the help of gma I would do one on him.  I really dont understand this game to much  yet it fun to watch my bro bro  he is the best big brother….

Flag football

this is my brother first year in football,  you have to pull flags off the kid to make the game stop. 

this is my brother looking at the field,,  it is big and exciting for all of us,,,

     here I am so excited  and dress so warm,, abit to warm  mom,,  but that fine  cant get sick












 my grandma took this shot and framed it,, I like it because it look like a trading card,,and my bro bro look neat in it 




here is bro bro with the team  lining up for a play









this is a bike teepee my grandma saw when we first got here  she so crazy with her camera  she had to take a shot of it…  that my grandma  I still love her








here is my Uncle  he is the best,, he watches my bro bro play and help him out…

  here he is telling bro bro what to look out for…








the last shot is of me  watching the ground and pretending to watch my bro bro,,  yet I am content with my mama and me 


Thank you all for reading this , and thanks for my grandma  she take such good picture of us,  she love her grandbabies and her kids too. 

You guys are the best …..  Love to all

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