For Sale: The Small Town of Toomsboro, Georgia is On the Market

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A whole town for sale, is that right? Yes it is; and if you are looking to buy one, this scenic South Georgia location may be just what you are looking for. There are only 700 residents that live in Toomsboro. They have one convenience store, so you can buy the basics like bread and milk. They have one florist, so you can get your wife a beautiful anniversary arrangement. They also have a custom cabinet shop, so if you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets that’s the place for you. They also have a post office, so they are on the map. Then why is it being sold?

A developer, David Bumgardner, has been buying up property in that town for a while. Some he bought, some outright and others he got at auction. His original thinking was to turn this small hometown into a tourist attraction. His liked the fact that old buildings were still standing and in good condition. It is hard to figure out what in that town would draw tourists, so that may be part of the reason he decided to sell. He now thinks it would work well as a business location, perhaps a movie studio would be interested or a music venue.

Perhaps putting this town up for sale means green for sale signthat Bumgardner’s dream was more like a pipe dream and he wants his investment money back. If anyone out there is interested in buying an entire town, Toomsboro, Georgia is still for sale.

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