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Using various free help available on the Internet, I’ve been teaching myself ‘Flash 8′. A far cry from merely a cartoonist’s tool to poke fun at political figures, thousands of companies and individuals use this program as part of a greater advertising plan. Among other things, I’ve seen–over the last two years–that Flash is being used more and more for making mini promotional videos to announce independently published books & film, or previously unknown products. You Tube is being utilized by said artists, writers and entrepreneurs verses hiring expensive advertising firms… and it’s working.

In the same school of thought, our little company put together a promotional video for our bestseller, ‘Draw Me a Picture'; it’s a 45-second ‘short’, set to part of Mendelssohn’s Symphony #4. As fun as the program can be, using Flash presented a few difficulties: not only do the various facets of instruction require one to ‘slog through’ the minute, repetitive steps, but one must possess the mind of a film director as well. i found my self asking “What do I really want to say?” to myself several times; invariably this questions would result in erasing frames and starting over. Around eleven at night I showed the finished product to the Editor, my husband and got a thumbs-up. He indicated that I’d hit my audience and that it resembled one of those movie previews for a “chick-flick”. I was elated. It’s not professional at all,but for complete amateurs the short seemed pretty good.

We put it up on You Tube this morning. A rather exciting surprise awaited us as we did so; You Tube has now connected with Twitter and Facebook to immediately let your entire list of friends/contacts know that you’ve uploaded a new video, without having to log in to those programs and update them.

Feel free to take a look at the video and let me know what you think, for I appreciate the views from MS, not only on a literary plateau but a world-wide one as well:

Click Here To See The Video on You Tube

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