Forbidden Vampire-Lycan Love ~ A Movie Review of ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’

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Although I enjoyed this movie, I do have to inquire why it was made in the first place.  For anyone who has been a fan of the 'Underworld' series knows the story behind this prequel – as in hey, it was told in montage in the first film.  I guess when you have Bill Nighy and then Michael Sheen fresh from 'Frost/Nixon' sign on, then why the hell not make it. 

            The film is exactly what you would expect; a lot of darkness, sword fights, women in armor.  It is a 'Romeo and Juliet' for the Goth crowd.   To be honest, I am surprised that Sheen agreed to do this film, he does look hot as Lucian the werewolf.  Yet, if you are looking for logic then don't buy a ticket to this movie because Lucian is a human baby born of a Lycan whom Viktor (Nighy) believes that he can keep and raise him to infect others so that the vampires will have slave labor.  You see, in the Underworld universe most Lycans, once they transform, can never take human form again.  For some reason vampires just don't want to use plain old humans (don't hold your breath for an explanation). 

            You know how this story is going to pan out without even having seen one of the 'Underworld' movies.  Viktor's daughter, played by Rhonda Mitra, a Kate Beckinsale look-a-like, falls in love with…you are just too clever.  Together Sheen and Mitra make hot heavy Lycan love.  I suppose you have also guessed that Lucian escapes and makes strides in Lycan rights. 

            Once again I am perplexed by an R rating for a movie that is as mild as a bubble bath.  Sure there is violence but its corn syrup and red food dye type of violence.  There was no nudity and the language was that want-to-be Shakespearian cadence with Jeffersonian type of rights of man thrown in.

            Overall, if you have any interest in vampires or sci-fi/medieval type of action then stay far from this film.  It's not the type of movie I would recommend to everyone to see in the theaters, if this is the sort of genre you like it will play just as well on a smaller screen.  After seeing 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans' the only question I had afterwards was will they make another one and what direction will it go? 



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