Forget Pearl Harbor… Ben Affleck is Back! (Trailer)

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Forget Pearl Harbor. (The movie that is…) Forget Bennifer. Forget every negative thing you’ve heard about Ben Affleck not living up to his acting, writing and directing potential. As of now, he’s back. All because of the work he turned in on his latest movie release ‘The Town.”

Critics all around the world are raving about his directing and, by proxy, the co-writing he contributed and, most importantly, the authentic, gritty acting Affleck threw into the mix in the telling of this real-life-feeling tale about a gang of bank robbers running wild in his native Boston.

At first the fact that Jon Hamm plays a small role as an FBI agent with a grudge got most of the press. That’s because Don Draper is one of the hottest characters on TV and in the press right now. But as soon as ‘The Town’ unspools in theaters most viewers are asking, Don who?

Don’t believe it?

Here’s a random sampling from some top critics all around the globe:

Cole Smithey:

“Ben Affleck has so thoroughly reinvented himself as an actor that it’s tempting to take for granted his commendable skills as a director even after his notable debut with “Gone Baby Gone” (2007). Affleck straightforwardly plays Boston criminal-with-a-heart-of-gold Doug MacRay, in a film he co-wrote with Peter Craig and Aaron Stockard. Although the story–based on Chuck Hogan’s 2004 novel “Prince of Thieves”–dips into fantasyland on more than one occasion, the direction is precise as clockwork and tempered with plenty of stylistic flourishes.”

Derek Malcolm at The London Evening Standard:

“In Ben Affleck’s thriller, his second film as writer/director, he stars as Doug McRay, leader of a crew of criminals who is beginning to want to get out of an increasingly sticky business. The film, which allows its flawed hero an ending he perhaps doesn’t deserve, has a good mix of moments recalling a Bostonian version of The Wire and the car chases and gun fights of more orthodox thrillers. It should help Affleck on his way as an actor/director of some note.”

Victoria Alexander at

“I have relentlessly bitched about Ben Affleck. His too-long face, his god-awful movie choices and his relentless past fame-whore pursuit of GQ glamour. But with GONE, BABY, GONE and now THE TOWN, he shows a strong hand at high-tension directing, a fearless non-pretty boy part for himself, and a co-writing credit (alongside Peter Craig and Aaron Stockard) that displays sharp dialogue and complex characters. Ben, you might very well eclipse Matt. Just stay away from Kevin Smith.”

There you have it. The only thing missing is the crazy duck running around yelling, “Affleck.”

Go and have a great night on ‘The Town.”

Before you go, check out the official trailer:


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