Former Child Star Taran Noah Smith Arrested on Drug Possession and DUI Charges

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Taran Noah Smith was once known as Mark, the youngest, naive little brother-turned-goth-teen on Tim Allen’s hit show, Home Improvement. Now, however, he’s been caught up in a downward spiral, leading to his recent arrest on DUI and drug charges. What has led Smith, former child star, from his once successful acting career to a life of bad decisions?

Perhaps finances are partly to blame. Though Smith had an eight-year run as Mark Taylor during the ’90s, he then turned around in 2001 and sued his parents for alleged misappropriation of money that he had made as a minor, saying that they had, more or less, spent his trust. Since that time, Taran Noah Smith has been all but unheard of in the acting world, aside from a brief apperance last year at a Home Improvement reunion with other main castmembers.

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As for the charges he is currently facing, Taran Noah Smith was arrested early Wednesday morning after having tested positive for driving under the influence of marijuana. Smith also was in possession of the drug in his car.

Perhaps the reality of a long-gone career and a permanent rift with his family has caused him to turn to drugs?

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