Former GOP Leaders Accuse Republicans of Voter Suppression

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Former GOP Leaders accuse their party of working to suppress the vote to ensure a GOP victory. Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer and former Gov. Charlie Crist said that the GOP knew that early voting would be bad for the party.

The Palm Beach Post reported that the former Republican leaders said that a new Florida law, HB 1355, “contributed to long voter lines and caused some to abandon voting altogether was intentionally designed by Florida GOP staff and consultants to inhibit Democratic voters,” and there was never a concern by the party that voter fraud was an issue.

As the GOP leaders at the time, the question is if this story were true, why did Greer and Crist allow such behavior? Clearly, any attempt at voter suppression should result in heads rolling.

Greer is currently accused of funneling campaign funds from the Republican Party and is under indictment. Charlie Crist endorsed Obama for president but has been convincingly painted as a “political opportunist.” The former GOP Leaders’ accusation is sickening, and shocking. If anyone hints, ever, of policies to “suppress” the vote, that individual should be immediately fired.

Just as importantly, as previously noted, without photo identification requirements, fraud will be easier. This is a simple truth. In order to protect Americans from fraud, a compromise should be reached. Pew Research Center poll found that voters were “increasingly worried about the accuracy of elections,” as reported by the Huffington Post. In fact, “Slightly less than a third of voters said they were very confident in the accuracy of national results….” Americans deserve better than these “leaders,” who are either complicit in voter suppression or lying.

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