Former Insider Calls Scientology as a ‘Pay As You Go Religion’

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After the death of her son, former wife of the president of Scientology, has come out to speak about the controversial organization. Because of the divorce of devout church member Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, people are quite interested in the inner workings of the secretive group.

Karen de la Carriere is the ex-wife of group president, Heber Jentzsch. She has been quite vocal about the group since her son died last week — a son she hasn’t spoken to since she left the religion. Perhaps because of his own choice, or because of pressure from the church.

De la Carriere claims that over three years she gave Scientology $300,000 and members are urged to give money to “compensate for your evils”. At a certain level, members are required to have security checks, a process that costs $20-$30 thousand per session, all out of the believers pocket. Allegedly, it can take years to reach the next level. Apparently if you want peace in your life, it comes at a hefty price.

The more money you have the farther you will go with the religion, and the more status you will acquire. Pay more money and you get that validation you are seeking. What kind of religion requires members to spend cash to buy their way to happiness? What happens to the devoted members if their money runs out? Are they considered unworthy if they have no money to give to Scientology?

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