Former Mrs. Nevada Scammed Millions in Online Fraud Schemes

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Juliette Kimoto, former Mrs. Nevada scammed millions and tarnished the crown in online fraud schemes. Beauty queens are supposed to be known for goodwill and wanting to do great things for their fellow man, not scamming them.

The Federal Trade Commission stated, “Kimoto owned four Web businesses including a bogus work-at-home program, a fake government grants service and a dietary supplement company that falsely said it was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey,” reports Adriana Diaz of As My World Turns.

Mrs. Nevada scammed millions, but claims that it was actually her husband who did the scamming, but just used her name. Coincidentally, her husband, Kyle Kimoto, is currently doing 29 years in prison because he scammed over $40 million out of hundreds of thousands of people.

Mrs. Kimoto had to know that putting a name as big as Oprah’s on her stuff was going to attract attention, especially since Oprah did not give her permission to do so. She also had to know that her “my husband did it without my knowledge” excuse was an old one that was not going to fly.

Mrs. Nevada scammed millions and got off relatively easy, though—easier than her husband did. “As part of Mrs. Kimoto’s settlement with the FTC, she’s banned from selling any products online related to her charges and has been forced to give up personal assets including a 1967 Camaro, jewelry and other items valued at $130,000,” reports Yahoo! News.

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