Former Pres. Bill Clinton Goes on TV for Barack Obama

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The Obama campaign has no shortage of television friendly talent, from the charismatic President himself to fitness guru Michelle Obama and the entire family of children and canine, but now a new face will represent the Obama campaign on TV – that of Former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton stars in a new television ad that will air in eight states with the former president telling the American public that this campaign is about figuring out who is more likely to return the country to full employment, calling Obama “the clear choice.” Of course, the state of the economy is the major issue in this election, and is something that Obama promised to fix four years ago in his inaugural address, as recently pointed out in Newsweek by Niall Ferguson, as well as in his campaign speeches. This could lead other critics to say that Obama had his chance, and failed.

The goal of the ad is quite transparent. Get people to look at the Obama economy through the same pair of rose-colored glasses that they look at it when Clinton sat in the big chair. Of course, you don’t need a real strong rose-colored prescription to see positive things about the economy under Clinton’s stewardship, but will that transfer subconsciously to American voters about Obama’s turn?

The advertisement doesn’t quite beat the viewer over the head with the comparison, but it comes pretty close, with former president Clinton saying that Obama’s economic plan only works “if there’s a strong middle class. That’s what happened when I was president. We need to keep going with his plan.”

This isn’t the first time that Bill Clinton has appeared in front of the camera for Obama, but it is the first time that he will star in a paid television ad. It is likely staffers will coach the former President carefully, because he has gone off topic before when talking about Obama and caused a few problems for the campaign. However, officials say that his worth as a supporter far outweighs the potential negative press.

According to a Wall Street Journal poll, almost 60% of Americans thought well of Clinton, while only 23% had a negative view of the former president. The ad will air in eight states, including Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Nevada.

What’s your opinion? Are you more likely to vote for Barack Obama if Clinton is standing behind him?

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