Former ‘Real Housewives’ Husband Files Lawsuit over Bankruptcy Rumors

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Careful what you say in the media about anyone who may have been on The Real Housewives. Although this couple left the Miami installment of the popular Bravo franchise, they are now taking up the headlines in Chicago based on a lawsuit filed against several major news outlets. Larsa Pippen, the former housewife, and her husband, Scottie Pippen, former Chicago Bulls player, are now suing several news outlets, including Comcast Corp., General Electric Co. and CBS Corp, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

So what did these news outlets write that pissed Scottie Pippen off to the point where a lawsuit was necessary? Well, the base of the lawsuit lies in the fact that several sources claimed that Pippen was broke and had filed for bankruptcy. In fact, one source claimed that Pippen was one of 15 athletes that are broke! Those are strong words considering Pippen says it’s not true!

One of the articles had the following statement: “Pippen’s successes on the court couldn’t stop him from losing career earnings worth $120 million, including more than $4 million for a corporate jet that was grounded just months after he bought it.” Sure, Larsa was told on The Real Housewives of Miami that she would have financial troubles in the future by a psychic, but surely the news sources didn’t put all of that trust into one psychic on a reality show?

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Pippen is actually worth around $40 million. In fact, the newspaper suggests that there is no evidence that Pippen ever filed for bankruptcy.

If you were in Pippen’s shoes, would you file a lawsuit against these news media outlets? Or should they get away with writing whatever they want about people, including athletes?

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