Former WWF Star Andre The Giant was Luna’s Godfather

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Former WWF legend Andre the Giant was said to be close to Luna as he was also her godfather.

Gertrude “Luna” Vachon passed away at age 48 more than a week ago. Investigators at her home found crushed oxycodone pills and a snorting straw. It’s not officially known what her cause of death was, though the autopsy has been completed. Official cause of death should be determined within the next week.

Luna’s mother said that Luna “often appeared ‘medicated’ as she suffered from several wrestling injuries.”

Perhaps Luna took the oxycodone to manage pain from her wrestling injuries that her mother mentioned she had suffered. However, snorting would not be the method of choice for one to that it for pain relief. Was the medicated appearance her mother noted due to the severe and strong side effects of the drug, or was it do to something else that she may have ingested? We might not know these answers for another week until the official cause of death report comes out.

Funeral services for WWE star Luna will be held at Andre the Giant’s Ellerbe North Carolina ranch, where her ashes are set to be spread. Andre’s ashes were also spread at the ranch after his 1993 death.

Luna wrestled from from 1993 to 2000 and she was considered one of the all-time great female wrestlers. She retired from wrestling in December 2007.

Such a sad story all around, but at least Luna will be laid to rest with her Godfather’s ashes.

Do you think her death was caused by drugs?

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