Forms of Alternative Medicine

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According to peer-reviewed research, conventional chemotherapy contributes only 2.1% to five year cancer survival in the USA (Morgan, Ward and Barton. Clinical Oncology, 2004. 16:549-560).

Yin and Yang
  There are many types of alternative medicine including Chinese medicine, orthomolecular medicine, integrative medicine, dianetics, etc. I will not discuss dianetics because I feel that it is quackery. The Yin and the Yang symbol is sometimes used as a symbol for traditional Chinese medicine.
Orthomolecular Medicine
  The term “orthomolecular” was invented by Linus Pauling in 1968, but some of the theories were invented previously and adopted by Pauling. 
 “For every twisted thought, there is a twisted molecule.”
-Dr. Ralph W. Gerard
  Pauling had discovered that many diseases were molecular. He had studied sickle cell anemia, and found it to contain a molecular error. There was an abnormal protein. 
“Varying the concentrations of substances normally present in the human body may control mental disease.” – Linus Pauling (1968)
“The methods principally used now for treating patients with mental disease are psychotherapy (psychoanalysis and related efforts to provide insight and to decrease environmental stress), chemotherapy (mainly with the use of powerful synthetic drugs, such as chlorpromazine, or powerful natural products from plants, such as reserpine), and convulsive shock therapy (electroconvulsive therapy, insulin coma therapy, pentylenetetrazol shock therapy). I have reached the conclusion that another general method of treatment, which may be called orthomolecular therapy, may be found to be of great value, and may turn out to be the best method of treatment for many patients.” – Linus Pauling, Science, April 19, 1968, p. 265
This 1920s photo of Linus Pauling, his wife, and Linus Jr. is presented courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.
  Ref. 1 is a good link on orthomolecular medicine. Ref. 2 is a good book on it, although Pfeiffer later turned to amino acids as treatments.
  This approach favors the vegan diet to prevent and treat diseases.
 “The vast majority of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other forms of degenerative illness can be prevented simply by adopting a plant-based diet.”
-Dr T. Colin Campbell
  My view is that this approach has scientific validity, but the approach has been largely ignored by orthodox medicine. Many in orthodox medicine wait for the disease to happen and then treat it with drugs and/or surgery. However, holistic theory favors preventing diseases before they happen, which makes an awful lot of sense although it is not as lucrative as drugs. Preventing diseases before they happen would save the government massive amounts of money, yet the government has largely ignored this approach.
 “Plant foods like walnuts and flax seeds and vegan DHA capsules contain the essential fatty acids we need without the harmful toxins found in fish flesh.”
-Dr Neal Barnard
“There is only one way to fully satisfy your appetite with delicious foods and stay thin and healthy for a lifetime—that’s a low-fat vegetarian diet with fruits and vegetables and a bit of exercise”
-Dr John McDougall
Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Ref. 3 is about traditional Chinese medicine. The Yin and Yang symbol is often used as a symbol for traditional Chinese medicine.
Intergative Medicine
  There is merit to this point of view. Dr. Andrew Weil, who invented this term, is now 70 years old. He would make a good surgeon general. The way it is now, orthodox medicine blackballs alternative medicine and censors much of it out from Medline. Weil wopuld probably change this. Orthodox medicine gets massive amounts of money from the drug companies, which do not like alternative medicine. They feel that alternative medicine can cut into their profits. The medical journals are funded by drug company advertizing. 
  See more information on integrative medicine at the link in Ref. 4.
  I am not proposing that we abolish orthodox medicine. I am proposing that we cut back on the censorship of alternative medicine from government databases. We need surgery under certain circumstances even though it is very expensive.
  Also there are research studies done in orthodox medicine that contribute to finding the etiology of various diseases. These research studies have merit. Nutritional science has great merit.
  Ref. 5 is the original paper on orthomolecular medicine. Pauling invented the term for psychiatry, but later expanded it to include other molecular diseases. 
2. Pfeiffer, Carl C.., Mental and Elemental Nutrients , 1975, ISBN #0879831146, Keats Publishing.
3. Wu, Yan, Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine , 1997, ISBN #0912111399, Paradigm Publications, 44 Linden Street, Brookline, Mass. 02146.
5. Pauling, Linus. “Orthomolecular Psychiatry.” Science, New Series 160, no. 3825. (April 19, 1968): 265-271.
  These images are presented courtesy of Public Domain Clipart.
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