Forte Fights Kenichi Ebina to Win ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2013

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Forte is a group of classical singers who has had so much impact on the discerning AGT audience that these warblers may overtake Kenichi Ebina for the America’s Got Talent win. Or not.

Still, consider their performance video from last week and then look at what this trio of tenors offered this week for the top 12 performance show. Their song? “My Heart Will Go On,” a titanic hit for Celine Dion and an unsinkable selection for hopefully cementing this act’s participation in the AGT top 6.

In fact, Howard Stern predicted these boys will be on hand next week while Mel B agreed. Heidi Klum rewarded the Forte performance with an enthusiastic thumbs up while Howie Mandel was duly impressed and then some.

Then there was Kenichi Ebina, the AGT favorite since this NBC show’s audience first laid eyes on this magical genius who is part dancer, part inventor, and part magician. The latter ability was highlighted on America’s Got Talent last night when this shy guy literally flew up toward the rafters while all eyes were on him.

Ebina had concocted an AGT number during which he danced his way into a heart attack and then was taken up to heaven by some means that did not seem possible. This offering was not as much of a blockbuster as performances from his past, like this one, but Kenichi’s stripped down stage time at Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 10 had everyone sitting there with their mouths open after this act wrapped.

Among those enthralled with what Kenichi Ebina did on AGT last night were Mel B (she thought he was simply unbelievable) and Heidi (who thought that the performance was simply beautiful). Howie urged everyone to vote for this Japanese artist while Howard said no matter what happens on America’s Got Talent, he will forever be a fan.

So what do you think? As Forte fights Kenichi Ebina on AGT to possibly win America’s Got Talent 2013, who do you think will prevail? Will it be the three singers who met on the Internet or the ingenious multi-tasker who dances, tells good stories without even speaking, and makes magic all at the same time? Please weigh in.

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