Fortress ‘Smallville’ Series Finale Preview Released

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Smallville is making its final push towards the series finale in May, and the series has started to release promo videos for the finale episode. Ten years in the making, this final episode is supposed to be the end of Clark Kent as The Blur and the birth of Superman. The producers and cast have hinted at what might happen in the final episode, but very few details have actually been released.

The series and those involved with it have kept the details about the Smallville series finale a closely guarded secret. Fans know some details with the return of which characters will coincide with the season finale, but these details are not about the plot. Spoiler TV shared the next preview for the season finale on Saturday night, and this preview features both the fortress and Tom Welling.

Yes, Clark Kent’s Kryptonian home on Earth will play a part in the action in the weeks to come. Clark will have to deal with things in order to move forward with his life and his future bride. However, it is not clear if the pair will be married before the series is done.

Smallville has had a good run, but all good things must come to an end. The cast has been in front of the cameras for ten season, and that is not something a lot of shows can say. Tom Welling has grown into the role, and he also grown as an actor and a director with his work behind the camera as well. Smallville is getting close to the end. Will you be watching the series finale? Check out the preview at the link above.

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