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Haven’t meant to have been so quiet on Gather. Things happened so fast I got lost in the tailwinds.

Between the release of Zapocalypse then the promotions of such. Toss in family life and the current WIP and yup, I slap got lost for a bit.

I did manage (Can’t recommend this enough for new authors) to make it to a conference. Silken Sands 2012 was wonderful! I took nearly every available workshop, plus pitched. Still not digging the pitch. I love meeting the editors/agents. It’s always nice to put faces to tweets (LOL) but I get all tongue tied and sound like a moron.

I do, really.

That said I have three submissions in I’m awaiting word from. Cross your fingers for me.

I also received word-clearly-create a new author name. Now, ya’ll—Ssshhh. I’m going to let my gather friends in…but I’ll be changing the info to new author name (if possible) later. Something to do with keeping genres separate.

Um, okay. The branding course? Fantastic and then you have that Ahhh moment. Gotcha!

So—Bobbi Romans was born.

Working another website? SHOOT ME NOW. Holy Hannah! Had no issues with Vitchslair—but DAMN this one? Still with GoDaddy? ROUGH I tell ya, ROUGH! Now my beef is that you can’t put that in a search bar and have it come up? ONLY in the addy bar. Every time I call GoDaddy they act like I’m an idiot, don’t explain it and don’t resolve it.

Anyone have any clues on what I may have done wrong?

Also-The FREE blog offered with the former site is no longer. You get a FREE Forum.
Thoughts? Suggestions?

I was going to give it a bit and see how it felt. If I don’t like then there is Blogger/Wordpress and then I thought, wonder if my Gather (or even a new one if needed for Bobbi Romans) could be attached somehow?

Anyone have thoughts, suggestions or ideas for that?

Hope everyone is well.



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