‘Four Houses’ Recap: Big in Texas

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On Four Houses, different homeowners showcase their houses against each other including the western-style manor of a Dallas nurse, a Stationery Designer’s historic home, a suburban artist’s two-story house and a ranch owned by a Texas-loving cowgirl.

Who will win the opportunity to be showcased in Better Homes and Gardens and receive $10,000. The winner is based on originality, style and livability.

Brandi’s home is a stereotypical Texas décor home in the country. She even has a life-sized horse statue in her bedroom. Then, there’s the jailhouse look in the kitchen with bars and the horse head faucet in the bathtub. Brandi exclaims, “My house is the tic tic, bomb!”

Courtney is a city girl. Her home is a century-old Victorian just outside of downtown Dallas. Her style is vintage eclectic.

Angie’s home is all about the hunter. She has over 30 stuffed animals from bears to wild boars. It’s a lakeside lodge with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Her home is valued at $2 M.

Meredith says, “The only thing Texas about this house is the zip code.” She’s an artist and her home is a showcase for her work. She’s a stay-at-home mom with three children. In her dining room there’s a giant statue of a rhino sitting on the table top!

It’s time for the girls to check out and score each other’s homes. Angie’s home is first up. Meredith and Courtney hate the hunter lodge theme until they go outdoors to the pool area. Meredith says, “It’s like a resort.” There’s even a zipline going across the backyard for entertainment. Brandi jumps on it and gives it a whirl. Brandi scores Angie’s home an 8 out of ten. Meredith gives her a 5 and Courtney gives her a 5.

Courtney’s home is next to be reviewed. Angie’s first impression is ‘cute’. Meredith says she thinks the style is shabby chic with something else like French overdone… Courtney comments, “The sunroom is a total disaster.” It has lots of pink and mismatched patterns, teal walls, and strange chandeliers. All three girls agree the parlor is their favorite room; warm tones of brown and green. Angie scores the home a 3, Brandi gives it a 5, and Meredith gives it a 3.

Meredith’s home scored next. Courtney remarks that she thought the stuffed bear was strange, but the giant rhino on the dining table takes the cake. Brandi says, “I don’t like the rhino at all.” They go to the backyard and there’s a trampoline. All three girls get in and bounce around. Courtney comments, “I think it’s tough to be classy while jumping on a trampoline.” The biggest surprise to all three ladies are the antlers on the wall in the master bedroom…hmmmm maybe a bit of a hypocrite after judging Angie’s home… Angie gives her home a 6, Courtney gives it a 5, and Brandi gives scores it a 6.

Brandi’s home is the last to be reviewed. Her home is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath worth $1 M. In the living room there’s a windmill for a fan and a large stuffed bear. Angie says, “Brandi’s house is a lot like my taste but on steroids.” Outdoors there is an old trailer that’s used as a pool house for changing cloths. Angie gives the house a 7, Courtney gives it a 7, and Meredith gives it a 6.

It looks like Angie got an 18, Courtney received an 11, Meredith got a 17, and Brandi got a 20. So based on the overall numbers Brandi would win.

All four girls gather together in an RV and are transported to the winning home. They don’t know which home will win. Brandi’s home is the winner. She scored 30 for style, 30 for originality, and 19 on livability. In second place is Angie’s lakeside lodge: style got a 15, originality 19, and livability scored a 30. And in third place is Meredith with 19 for style, 18 for originality and 18 for livability.

To enter the contest go to TLC.com/Casting for more details.

Four Houses airs on TLC Monday’s at 10 pm/9 C

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