‘Four Houses’ Recap: South Florida

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This week on Four Houses, South Florida homeowners showcase their homes against each other including Fabian, an entrepreneur, in a 1990 Miami Vice inspired home; Katia, an interior designer, with a Venetian style Ft. Lauderdale home; Patricia, a public relations specialist, that has an eclectic style home; and Zurami, a tanning salon owner, in a Miami Chic high-rise.

This week who will win the opportunity to be showcased in Better Homes and Gardens and receive $10,000? The winning home is based on originality, style and livability.

The first home to be reviewed by the contestants is Zurami’s. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and is valued at $1,200,000. It’s located in Miami, Florida. If she wins she wants to give the winnings to ovarian cancer research. The three contestants first notice that Zurami has paintings and images of herself everywhere. They look in her freezer and find only chicken and Vodka. In the kitchen they find custom tiles of her with snakes, lions, and other wild animals. They wander out onto the balcony and agree the view is amazing from 40 floors up. Next they review the bathroom, which has disco lights in the hot tub and it’s large enough for four people.

Next up for review is Fabian’s art deco house. It has 4 bedrooms, 6 baths and valued at $3,500,000. Patricia doesn’t like the white on white decor. Zurami loves it and thinks it’s amazing. They all head into the kitchen and find a 1980’s pullout toaster located on the island. There’s a rooftop deck with amazing views, but it’s completely empty—no furniture, nothing.

Off to Patricia’s home. Fabian comments he thinks there may be a tarot card room at Patricia’s home and there’s going to be some sort of past life discovery. He doesn’t want to know about his past life. Zurami loves the home. She says she feels peace and healing. But, Katia thinks there’s too much color in the house. She doesn’t like it. Fabian says there’s too much stuff and it would make a great place for a garage sale. The back porch is the favorite spot with a fireplace, fountain, and lots of Buddhas. Zurami says, “The bedroom is made for a 15-year-old girl, not an adult woman.”

Finally Katia’s home is toured. Her home is 5 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and estimated at $2,500,000. Zurami points out that it’s way too expensive and she feels like she’s in a museum. She comments, “Where’s the Mona Lisa?” When they check out the kitchen Patricia says, “I know she doesn’t cook. She has ten chefs flown in from Italy.”

They all like Katia’s backyard. The pool overlooks one of the canals. It reminds them all that they are still in Florida and not Italy. They go back inside and find the game room. There’s a glass table with Maserati engine for a base. The fireplace mantle is made of marble and has an image of Katia in the nude etched into it—of course Zurami loves it!

After the homes have been scored all the points are totaled. Zurami has 81 points, Patricia has 50, Katia gets a 90, and Fabian received 74 points. Katia wins! Her husband greets all the home owners with a bottle of champagne (probably Italian Proseco) and the party official kicks off.

To enter the contest go to TLC.com/Casting for more details.

Four Houses airs on TLC Mondays at 10 pm/9 C

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