Four Loko: What is it? (PHOTO and VIDEO)

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Four Loko is one of several energy-alcohol drinks on the market. Touted by its makers as a “premium caffeinated alcoholic beverage,” the beverage, made with guarana, taurine and caffeine, packs a whopping 12 percent alcohol volume, almost three times the amount of a regular beer.

Reverand William Rocky Brown III, a candidate for the state House of Representatives and chairman of the Law Enforcement Chaplains of Delaware County, PA was joined at apress conference by Nafis Nichols, senior program coordinator for the Chester Youth Collaborative, who are testifying about the dangers of Four Loko.

“We know that this new drink is having our young people black out,” he said. “We know that this new drink is being sold to minors. … We know that adults are standing in front of various locations and purchasing this drink for young people.”

Nichols said parents should be on the lookout for colorful cans of Four Loko, which he called “legalized liquid cocaine.”

“We want you to know that young people are drinking it every day and they don’t remember what they do after they drink it,” Nichols said.

I like energy drinks but I’ll stick to the normal kind, like Red Bull, not liquid cocaine like Four Loco. Blacking out after two drinks isn’t all that much fun.

See the link for a photo and video about Four Loko.

Four Loko

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