Four-year-old American Citizen ‘Deported’ to Guatemala

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Little Emily Ruiz was deported to Guatemala on March 11, when she attempted to re-enter the USA with her Guatemalan grandfather after visiting him at his home.

Although Emily’s grandfather had his work visa and a notarized letter from her parents authorizing him to be her travel guardian, he was detained for an entry violation in that had occurred in the ’90s.  Their flight had been diverted from New York to Dulles Airport, and upon exiting the plane, her grandfather was detained.  Her parents arrived at the New York airport, and were given the choice of having her placed in a “juvenile facility” in Virginia until they could get her, or having her sent back to Guatemala with her grandfather… in effect, have her deported.

Her parents are illegal aliens, but Emily is a citizen.  Some call her and children like her the offensive name, “anchor babies,” on the assumption their very existence will provide an “anchor” to keep their parents in the USA.  Apparently not… Emily could not even keep herself from being deported.  As illegal immigrants, her parents feared losing her to Family Services, with no ability to get her back.  So they allowed her to be returned to Guatemala.  They have been unable to arrange her return, and have hired an attorney.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency is defending the decision, claiming Emily was not “deported,” but that her parents were given the opportunity to “reunite” with her.

“CBP strives to reunite children who are citizens with their parents. If the parents decide not to take custody of their children, the CBP works with other agencies to guard the security and the well-being of these children. That includes handing them over to other families,” spokesman Lloyd Easterling said.

“In this case, Emily’s parents were offered the opportunity to pick her up, but they decided to have her return to Guatemala with her grandfather.”

Emily’s parents and their attorney beg to differ.  When asked whether he thought the outcome was racially determined he answered, “Absolutely! If this was a Caucasian girl from some European country, this would never have happened.”

It is hard to believe that, had Emily been British or French… German or even Russian, she would have been so badly treated; visa problems for Grandpa or not… illegal immigrant parents or not.  It does not appear that anyone really tried to help this family. They simply gave them a Hobson’s choice, and deported a little girl as their own simplest solution when the parents weren’t able to accept a “juvenile facility” as placement for their daughter.

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