Fox Doc: Cheating Makes Newt the Better Presidential Candidate

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Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and columnist for Fox News, recently wrote that Newt Gingrich’s cheating might make him a better president. According to Ablow, three women all wanting to spend the rest of their lives with Newt, is better than just one, like President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

A Cracker Jack Box License?

Unfortunately, Keith File:Keith Ablow.jpgAblow does hold a Doctor of Medicine from John Hopkins and did his psychiatry residency at Tufts-New England Medical Center. The Fox Health News columnist is also an author who co-authored a book with the one and only, equally as brilliant in making politically incorrect and downright insulting comments and former Fox News show host, Glenn Beck.

It is not surprising that Beck’s doctor friend Ablow last shocked the nation over comments he made about Chaz Bono and transgendered persons. Ablow’s words were so harsh on Bono and the LGBT community that the university and many students protested Ablow’s position at the school. Much like Beck, Ablow is not a well liked person and this latest comment claiming that cheaters have presidential character is sure to further that position within his own intellectual community.

Brutal Honesty is Good for the Presidency

Ablow backs up his absurd comments by claiming the candidate’s brutal honesty to the wives he cheated on and divorced during the hardest times of their lives, like a cancer diagnosis and a MS diagnosis, shows how committed Gingrich is to the truth no matter how painful it is to everyone involved. These are the qualities the country needs in a president. Everyone wants a cold, heartless president that has no problem with stomping on the hearts of anyone he doesn’t love anymore. America better hope to not end up on that list if this man gets the presidency in November.

Even Better: Open Marriage

The claim that Newt wanted an open marriage to have a relationship with both his second wife and mistress must show his commitment to open relations with both political parties.

This goes perfectly with Newt’s own comment in 2011 about his love of his country led him to cheat on both his first and second wife. If he cheats for love, what does he do to those he hates?

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