FOX News Catches ‘Cloaked’ UFO Near Washington Monument (Video)

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FOX News seems to have caught a UFO “de-cloaking” near the Washington Monument on Inauguration Day. The video below catches the moment, just as a news report was breaking away for commercials. What is it?

The video, posted to YouTube, was taken by a viewer with an iPhone filming a DVR recording of FOX covering the presidential inaugural. The sharp-eyed viewer rolls the segment twice, but neither time helps to explain the sequence, except to rule out a reflection caused by the camera.

The unusual unidentified flying object does not display normal aviation running lights. All that is visible are two blue orbs. Those quickly disappear as the object seems to morph into a strange, smoky shape before it too fades out of view.

Comments on the channel try to explain the incident, with some coming from professional photographers. But none of the theories seem to fit. The UFO is clearly part of the image being broadcast, and it behaves in a way which no conventional aircraft, even surveillance drones, can duplicate.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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