Fox News’ Greg Palkot Is Hospitalized – Retreat from Egypt?

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Fox News reporter Greg Palkot was hospitalized after being severely beaten by Egyptian protesters. Olaf Wiig, a producer for Fox News, was also reported as having been taken to the hospital after suffering a beating, as well.

Greg PalkotÂ’s colleague, John Roberts, explained what happened to his co-workers. He said that Palkot and Wiig were forced to leave their location, when an Egyptian protester threw a Molotov cocktail at them. It caused a large fire to erupt.

Palkot and Wiig fled the scene, but they ran straight into a pro-Mubarak crowd, which resulted in them being severely beaten. They were both taken to the hospital where both Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig spent the night.

Their condition was reported as grave; however, they were released after a their night in the hospital. Why would the Egyptian hospital report their condition as grave but still release the Fox NewsÂ’ employees?

Journalists who are foreign to Egypt have been under attack. Anderson Cooper has suffered an attack twice, while CBSÂ’ Lara Logan was detained by the Egyptian police. Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour were ambushed by pro-Mubarak protesters.

ShouldnÂ’t there be a call for America and other foreign news reporters to retreat from Cairo, Egypt? This is getting ridiculous, especially now that Greg Palkot has been hospitalized with his producer for severe injuries. What do you think?

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