Fox News lets Dick Morris go

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Political pundit Dick Morris will not be returning as a contributor at Fox News, according to The Washington Post. Morris’s contract has expired and Fox News has decided not to renew it. Morris, who was a political adviser to Bill Clinton before he became a commentator, author and popular columnist, made what turned out to be a very embarrassing mistake in his commentary on Fox News when he insisted that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 presidential election by a landslide. Many believe this laughably erroneous prediction was the reason he was let go by the cable news network.

Morris has also been the subject of criticism for “accepting paid advertisements on his website from candidates that he discussed on the air at Fox,” according to the Associated Press.

This news, coming on the heels Sarah Palin’s departure from Fox News, could be a sign that the network is trying to alter their image. Morris, like Palin, is a somewhat controversial and polarizing figure who can be very bold in his statements.

Whatever his faults may be, few would argue that Dick Morris was one of the most colorful pundits on Fox News, which says a lot considering some of the flamboyant personalities featured on the network. He was also able to offer a unique perspective as a result of his experience working for both Democratic and Republican candidates.

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